Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in 1997 by CWCC members Kathleen Bull, Helen Stine, Ida Yerkovich, Millie Paulsen, Veva Chamberlain and Marilyn Gadway. It is a separate fund from the CWCC Scholarship Fund. It was brought into existence in order to insure scholarships for future generations. The interest from this fund is awarded for scholarships on an annual basis.

There are several avenues in which to donate to the Endowment Fund: “An outright gift of cash, securities or property; A Charitable Remainder Trust which provides a lifetime income to the donor or one’s designees; A Gift Annuity or Pooled Income Fund; Naming the CWCC Scholarship Fund as a beneficiary or owner in a Life Insurance Policy; A Bequest in one’s Will or Memorial Gifts honoring a loved one.”

The contributions may be given in remembrance of special occasions for a loved one, friend or yourself. They may also be given as a Memorial to a deceased person. 

Donations are to be sent to the Scholarship Endowment Fund, P. O. Box 1503, Campbell, CA 95009-1503. 

The Gold Book

In July of 1989 a committee comprised of CWCC members Kathleen Bull, Jean Levandowski, Anna Mae Miller, Millie Paulsen and Jeanette Peterson created the Gold Book in order to provide a permanent record of contributions to the Scholarship Endowment Fund and the Honorees. Carol Andrews will be the 2015-2016 Gold Book Chair. She will display at least one Gold Book at each membership meeting for members to view.